LGBTQ forum 6/12/2018

Our next meeting will take place in Antwerp, on 6 December at 2 PM. 

Two lectures on the programme, in English. 

First Katrien Jacobs will talk about 'Political Questions and Pornographic Answers'. Katrien Jacobs is associate professor in Cultural Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and she is affiliated with the Centre for Visual and Digital Culture (ViDi) at the University of Antwerp, where she does research on right-wing nationalist as well as progressive movements and their imagery in relation to gender, sexuality and pornography. You can check her work on

In her lecture, she will present the work and views of feminist and queer sex activists and porn entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and San Francisco. In line with Judith Butler’s performative theory of politics and dispossession, she will consider culturally divided views on porn industries or porn making and its call for queer embodiment as an aspect of democracy.

Second, Alexander Dhoestwill talk about homonationalism in the Flemish press. Alexander Dhoest is professor in Communication Studies at the University of Antwerp, specialised in the link between media and national, ethno-cultural and sexual identities. 

In his lecture, he will present the first findings of his latest research into the way in which the Flemish press writes about homosexuality, in which gay-friendly Flanders or Belgium are opposed to 'others', mostly Muslims and Russians or other Eastern European countries and communities. 

The meeting takes place in room M103, De Meerminne, Sint-Jacobstraat 2, 2000 Antwerp (building M on the map). 

From 1.30 PM there is coffee, at 2 the lectures start and we finish at 4.30. 

Thank you for letting us know by 27 november whether you will attend, by e-mail to Marion Wasserbauer (