De initiatiefnemers

Regan Watts - Professor (Technology Driven Design)

Jouke Verlinden - Professor (Augmented Reality & Digital Fabrication)

Stijn Verwulgen - Professor (Medical Device and Health Care Development)

The Team

Jochen Vleugels - Researcher

Jochen started working on the valve design by re-engineering an injection molded design into a qualitative 3D printable design with the same function. Since completion, he is working on the general scope of the project and tries to make generic tools to solve upcoming issues with in-house tools.

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Joren Van Loon - PhD Student

In the first phase of the project, Joren focussed mainly on the prototyping of the masks. This focus moved to the validation of our own mask by means of fit tests for example.

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Andres Van Hooydonck - PhD Student

Andres is responsible for prototyping, the design of the production line, sourcing of materials, and communication with industry and companies.

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Robin Vandormael - PhD Student

Robin focuses on the design and adjustment of the shape of the mout mask depending on the chosen production techniques. He is involved in lasercutting, processing, and continuous iterative prototyping of the masks, which is needed for the verification tests.

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Lore Veelaert - PhD Student

Lore is involved in the external communication within the project. In addition, within the eco-team, she attributes to the research into reuse and sterilisation of the masks.

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Marieke Van Camp - PhD Student

Marieke is involved in the validation of the mask design, focused on verifying filter performance in a medical setting by Centexbel on the one hand, and on quantitatively and qualitatively evaluating the fit of the mask indoors on the other hand. At the request of external parties, some alternative solutions (e.g. decathlon snorkel mask with filter and 3D printed connector) and government-purchased masks were also subjected to an initial test.

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Thomas Peeters - PhD Student

Thomas is involved in the analyses of commercially available alternatives (such as 3M masks and the scuba mask of Decathlon), in order to determine the quality of the fit by means of a PortaCount appliance, and compare these with our prototypes.

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Sander Van Goethem - PhD Student

Sander is responsible for everything related to Belgian standardization, certification, testing and quality control. A large part of this is reporting and communication with the Federale Overheidsdienst (FOD).

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Drim Stokhuijzen - Researcher

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Sam Smedts - Researcher

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