Debating Development: Furthering the right to development. Towards a framework convention?

Date: 28 October 2014

Venue: UAntwerp - Stadscampus - R.001 - Rodestraat 14 - 2000 Antwerpen

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Organization / co-organization: USOS and IOB

Short description: Koen De Feyter (Professor and Chair of International Law, University of Antwerp, Belgium), Jean Bossuyt (Head of Strategy, European Centre for Development Policy Management, Belgium), moderator: Axel Marx (Deputy Director, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, University of Leuven, Belgium)

The Right to Development entails the right for every person to participate in, contribute to, and enjoy development, in which all human rights can be fully realized. However, at present no consensus exist between countries on how to realize the Right to Development. The Global South argues the need for a more equal international financial system, more clout in international decision-making and fair terms of trade. The North, on the other hand, emphasizes good governance, democracy and sound economic management. In this debate, Prof. Dr. Koen De Feyter (University of Antwerp, Belgium) and Mr. Jean Bossuyt (ECDPM, Belgium) discuss ways to overcome the political controversy over the legal status of the Right to Development. Prof. Koen De Feyter will present his “framework convention” on the Right to Development, underscoring the need for a gradual legal track to agree on specific protocols to obtain wider convergence in the long run. Mr. Jean Bossuyt will afterwards assess the legal tool with insights from the policy-making world.

Koen De Feyter is full-time Professor of International Law at the University of Antwerp and part-time Professor at PILC and the University of Maastricht. He was previously attached to the Human Rights Centre of the University of Maastricht, the Institute of Development Policy and Management of the University of Antwerp, and served as the Academic Coordinator of the European Master in Human Rights and Democratisation (Venice, Italy). He is a former Chair of Amnesty International Belgium (1998-1999) and an internationally recognized authority on human rights and development law. His publications include World Development Law (2001), Human Rights, Social Justice in the Age of the Market (2005), Privatisation and Human Rights (2005, co-ed.), Out of the Ashes. Reparation for Victims of Gross Violations of Human Rights (2006, co-ed.), Economic Globalisation and Human Rights (2007, co-ed.) and numerous book chapters and articles in such journals as the Loyola University of New Orleans Human Rights Review, Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, Africa Legal Aid Quarterly.






Jean Bossuyt, a Belgian national, has been with ECDPM since 1990. His current position is Head of Strategy. Focusing on ACP-EU cooperation, he has been involved in policy and practical work on issues related to democratisation and governance; civil society participation; decentralisation and decentralised cooperation; EU cooperation policies and reform processes. He did fieldwork in several ACP countries and published extensively on ACP-EU cooperation. Prior to joining the Centre, he worked at the Centre for Third World Studies at the University of Ghent, for the Brussels Delegation of the UNHCR and as a civil servant in the Belgian Parliament.

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