Change in police organizations. A study of commitment, communication, culture, leadership and participation

Date: 16 December 2014

Venue: Tilburg University, De Aula - Warandelaan 2 - 5037 AB Tilburg

PhD candidate: Sofie Rogiest

Principal investigator: Prof. dr. Arjen van Witteloostuijn

Co-principal investigator: Dr. Jesse Segers

Short description: PhD defense Sofie Rogiest - Faculty of Applied Economics

Abstract: Initiating and managing change seems to be one of the key competences sought for in today's managers. As the majority of change initiatives, however, are failing, this thesis aims to provide insight into the factors that could enhance the success of organizational change. I studied the effect on employee commitment of four facets common to all change efforts: change content, change context, change process and individual characteristics. This overall view will contribute to the understanding of employee responses, and ultimately lead to the accomplishment of one of the most important goals of successful organizational change: ensure employee affective commitment.