Models and algorithms for travelling salesperson problems with hotel selection

Date: 7 January 2015

Venue: University of Antwerp, Promotiezaal Grauwzusters - Lange Sint-Annastraat 7 - 2000 Antwerp

PhD candidate: Marco Castro

Principal investigator: Prof. dr. Peter Goos

Co-principal investigator: Prof. dr. Kenneth Sörensen

Short description: PhD defense Marco Castro - Faculty of Applied Economics

Abstract: The travelling salesperson problem with hotel selection (TSPHS) is a recently proposed variant of the travelling salesperson problem. The motivation of the TSPHS is that it is not always possible to visit each of the customers or cities assigned to a salesperson in a single work shift. The TSPHS has several practical applications which include the case of employees or salespeople in a company that need to design their work trips, the programming of a fleet of trucks that have to travel long distances and need to split the entire journey into several days, the routing of electrical vehicles that need to recharge at one of the available stations, among others. In this dissertation, three variants of the TSPHS are tackled, namely the single travelling salesperson problem with hotel selection, the multiple travelling salesperson problem with hotel selection and the travelling salesperson problem with multiple time windows hotel selection. Efficient metaheuristics are developed for the first two variants while an exact solution approach is developed for the last variant.