Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB)

Date: 14 September 2015

Venue: Amuz - Kammenstraat 83 - 2000 Antwerpen

Time: 4:00 PM

Short description: Graduation ceremony, opening academic year and prizes for development cooperation of the Province of Antwerp

Since 1996 the Province of Antwerp has been awarding its Prizes for Development Cooperation on an annual basis. The prizes are intended to promote development studies in economic, political, social, legal, cultural and environmental fields, and in the field of public health and human and animal medicine. All students enrolled in the master (after master) programmes at the University of Antwerp or at the Institute of Tropical Medicine are eligible. The deputation selects a jury which evaluates the submitted theses according to a number of criteria. Each of the winners receives a cash prize of 850 euro.

The Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB) focuses on the economic, political and social aspects of development policy and management. In its research and policy advisory work, IOB analyses development as an interaction of actors and processes, from the local to the international level. Our educational programmes aim at a mixed audience of students interested in the Global South. 2015 is  a two-fold celebration year: not only do we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Development Studies at the University of Antwerp next year, but IOB itself will be celebrating its 15th anniversary as an autonomous development institute.