Moving cognition beyond its basic ecology

Date: 10 May 2016

Venue: UAntwerpen, Stadscampus, F. de Tassiszaal, Hof van Liere - Prinsstraat 13 - 2000 Antwerpen

Time: 9:15 AM - 5:30 PM

Organization / co-organization: Centre for Philosophical Psychology

Short description: Workshop on ecological and enactive approaches to cognition

The Workshop

Prima facie, ecological and enactive approaches to psychological and cognitive phenomena share important philosophical commitments. Nonetheless, they have a more or less independent history and cross-fertilization between the two is still scarce.

By bringing together scholars on the philosophy, history and theory of ecological psychology and (radical) enactivism this workshop aims to strengthen the approaches as they make their way forward, and possibly join forces. The workshop will focus on how to proceed in order to deal with cases of human involvement such as imagination, memory and language.

To this end, various ecological and enactive conceptions of perceiving and acting and their relation to cognitive and socio-material engagement will be explored.


  • 08:55 Welcome & Coffee
  • 09:15 Enactivism & Ecological Psychology: Time to Contact?
    Erik Myin & Jan Van Eemeren
  • 09:45 Affordances in place and the affordance of place
    Harry Heft
  • 10:30 The Skilled Intentionality Framework for 'higher' embodied cognition
    Erik Rietveld
  • 11:15 Coffee Break
  • 11:35 Are the same affordances good for all? Pretence vs. Creativity
    Zuzanna Rucinska
  • 12:20 Affordances: enacted or detected? Why dispositions won't go away
    Martin Fultot
  • 13:05 Lunch
  • 14:30 Perceiving as faltering action
    Ludger van Dijk
  • 15:15 Inviting Affordances: Theory and some empirical studies
    Rob Withagen
  • 16:00 Coffee Break
  • 16:30 RECtifying Ecological Psychology: Perceiving without Pick up
    Daniel D. Hutto
  • 18:00 BBQ


The workshop will take place at the historic Hof van Liere in the

F. de Tassiszaal hall (second floor)

Prinsstraat 13

2000 Antwerpen

From the train station Antwerpen Centraal it's a 15 minute walk. From the train station you can take tram 10 or 11, direction Melkmarkt, and get off at stop Sint-Jacob. (Coming from Hotel Elzenveld, you can take tram 7, direction Sint-Pietersvliet, and get off at stop Keizerstraat).

After entering through the gate at Prinsstraat 13, you'll find yourself in a small courtyard (photo above). The door ahead of you leads to the large central courtyard. The staircase to the F. de Tassiszaal hall is on your left hand side in the small corridor between the two courtyards.


This event is made possible by

* BOF Research Fund of the University of Antwerp;

* Research Foundation Flanders (FWO).

Entrance fee: Attendance is free

Registration: Please register before 3 May 2016 with

Contact email: