Luther - 500 Years Reformation: Lecture III - Life & Work of Luther

Datum: 14 december 2017

Locatie: Hof van Liere - Prinsstraat 13 Antwerpen

Tijdstip: 20 - 22 uur

Korte beschrijving: To commemorate the start of the Reformation, UCSIA organizes a public lecture series (in English) – and seminars for students – at the University of Antwerp.

Luther | 500 Years Reformation

Lecture III - Life & Work of Luther
in collaboration with the department of history of UA

Heinz Schilling, professor emeritus, Department of History at Humboldt University in Berlin
Respondent: Guido Marnef, professor of history, UA

Martin Luther - Rebel in an Age of Upheaval

Written by one of Germany's foremost social and political historians of early modern Europe, this is a comprehensive and balanced biography of Martin Luther, placing him in his political context.

It takes a view of Luther as a difficult, contradictory individual who changed history and provides a major interpretation of Luther's life after the Diet of Worms, a period often ignored by biographers.

It engages with the foundation of Protestantism from a social and political point of view, not merely a religious one.

Heinz SCHILLING was born in 1942 in Bergneustadt, Germany. In 1963 he embarked on a study of history, German studies, philosophy and sociology at the universities of Cologne and Freiburg. His dissertation (1971) deals with Dutch emigrants in the 16th century. The topic of his Habilitation (a postdoctoral dissertation which is a requirement for those wishing to become a professor at a university in Germany) was the relationship between religious conflicts and state formation. From 1980 he was attached successively to the universities of Osnabrück and Giessen, and since 1992 Heinz Schilling has been a professor in the Department of History at Humboldt University in Berlin. He has also been a guest lecturer at the universities of Wisconsin, Madison and Berkeley. His most recent book is '1517 - Weltgeschichte eines Jahres' (C.H.Beck 2017).