Basic principles of statistics

Date: 8 - 17 November 2017

UAntwerp - Campus Drie Eiken - Universiteitsplein 1 - 2610 Antwerp (Wilrijk) (route: UAntwerpen, Campus Drie Eiken)
UAntwerp - Campus Groenenborger - Groenenborgerlaan 171 - 2020 Antwerp (route: UAntwerpen, Campus Groenenborger)

Organization / co-organization: StatUa and the Antwerp Doctoral School

Short description: StatUa course

This 4-day elementary course illustrates the basic principles of statistical data-analysis in a non-mathematical way. Each lesson is a combination of theoretical introductions and hands-on computer practicals using SPSS. 

In November 2017, this four-day course will be organized the following days :

  • Wednesday November 8, Campus Groenenborger, building Z, Room Z424, from 10am till 5pm
  • Friday November 10, Campus Drie Eiken, building M (=the NEW building!), Room M309, from 10am till 5pm
  • Monday November 13, Campus Groenenborger, building Z Room Z446, from 10am till 5pm
  • Friday November 17, Campus Groenenborger, building Z, Room Z423, from 9.30am till 4pm

Registration: Via the website