Reconceiving cognition conference

Date: 27 - 29 June 2018

Nottebohm Room at Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library - Hendrik Conscienceplein 4 - 2000 Antwerpen - Belgium
F. de Tassiszaal, Hof van Liere - Prinsstraat 13 - 2000 Antwerpen - Belgium (route: UAntwerpen, Stadscampus)

Organization / co-organization: Centre for Philosophical Psychology

Short description: The conference will offer the opportunity to engage with questions regarding new developments in Embodied, Embedded and Enactive approaches to cognition, or E-cognition.

Reconceiving Cognition

The conference will offer the opportunity to engage with questions regarding new the developments in the philosophy of Embodied, Embedded and Enactive Cognition, in the light of, inter alia, the views of the authors of recent books on conference themes:

  • Michael Anderson’s After Phrenology, MIT Press 2014
  • Louise Barrett’s Beyond the Brain, Princeton University Press 2011
  • Giovanna Colombetti’s The Feeling Body, MIT Press 2013
  • Daniel D. Hutto and Erik Myin’s Evolving Enactivism, MIT Press 2017.

Registration will cost 50 euros; pre-registration is mandatory. Details about registering will be available here soon.

The conference will take place, on Wednesday June 27, in the Nottebohm Room of the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, very close to the City Campus oif the University of Antwerp.

On Thursday June 28 and Friday June 29, the conference location will be on the City Campus of the University of Antwerp, in the F. de Tassiszaal in the historical Hof van Liere.

This conference is organized by Karim Zahidi, Ludger van Dijk and Erik Myin, at the Centre for Philosophical Psychology, University of Antwerp.

Entrance fee: € 50

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