Moiré patterns in hBN-graphene-hBN structures

Date: 30 January 2018

Venue: University of Antwerp - Campus Groenenborger - Room U.244 - Groenenborgerlaan 171 - 2020 Antwerpen (route: UAntwerpen, Campus Groenenborger)

Time: 4:00 PM

Organization / co-organization: Condensed Matter Theory

Short description: Condensed Matter Theory seminar presented by Dr Slaviša Milovanović

Graphene is famous for its electronic properties, e.g. linear momentum-energy dispersion relation, high electron mobility, peculiar QHE, etc. However, experiments showed that these properties are highly influenced (and diminished) by the destructive effects of substrate and contaminants.

A few years ago it was shown that encapsulating graphene in hexagonal-boron nitride (hBN) can significantly improve its electronic properties. hBN-graphene-hBN structures allowed us to create ballistic devices at room temperature. Due to its similar crystal structure and insulating nature, hBN proved to be an excellent substrate for graphene. However, recently it has been shown that aligning graphene and hBN lattices results with interesting physical phenomena due to the formation of moiré superperiodicity.  

In this talk, we will address these phenomena and try to tackle a problem of aligned hBN-graphene-hBN structures.

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