How are social (gender) norms linked to (sexual) health of adolescents?

Datum: 30 maart 2018

Locatie: Convention Center Het Pand - Onderbergen 1 - B-9000 Ghent

Korte beschrijving: Conference lecture by Sarah Van de Velde (UAntwerp)

About the conference

Sarah Van de Velde (UAntwerp) will present at a conference on social (gender) norms and adolescent (sexual) health in Ghent (adding a link to the event): What are gender norms and how can we measure their impact on health?


During the morning session various (research) experiences on the influence of social norms on adolescent health will be shared. The afternoon session starts with presentations that illustrate the influence of gender norms on adolescent sexual health and subsequently will be followed by a debate on how to improve adolescent sexual health.