Constitutional Values: Their Functions in the Argumentation of Judgments in the Context of Civil Due Process in Cuba

Date: 29 May 2018

Venue: Universidad de La Habana - Facultad de Derecho, Aula 5 La Habana, Cuba

Time: 9:00 AM

PhD candidate: Liuba Galbán Rodríguez

Principal investigator: Prof. dr Frederik Swennen (Universiteit Antwerpen) en Prof. dr. Blanca Nieves Marcheco Rey (Universidad de Oriente, Cuba)

Short description: Joint PhD Liuba Galbán Rodríguez - Faculty of Law (Universiteit Antwerpen & Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba)

Valores constitucionales: funciones en la argumentación de sentencias en un debido proceso civil en Cuba


Constitutional values play important roles in the argumentation of judgments. However, the insufficient treatment of theoretical bases of it in the framework of a due process, limits its proper application in the solution of human rights cases in the Cuban courts. Hence, the research develops theoretical postulates of the functions of constitutional values, while diagnosing the main deficiencies that attempt against them in the argumentation of judgments within a civil due process in Cuba. Therefore, the theoretical bases are finally oriented to the improvement of the constitutional regulations and civil procedure, as well as the Cuban judicial practice, with updated bibliography on the subject, in correspondence with the current trends about the empire of the Constitution in all the orders derived from it, especially, in the civil jurisdiction

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