Queer Fashion Talk by Nicola Brajato

Date: 9 August 2018

Venue: TKwartier - Keistraat 11 - 2000 Antwerpen

Time: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Short description: PhD researcher and A* member Nicola Brajato will be part of the fifth edition of the Antwerp Queer Art Festival with a talk on Queer Fashion in collaboration with MoMu (Mode Museum)

About the event

Based on this year Antwerp Queer Art Festival’s topic “OUT OF FOCUS”, Nicola will analyze how fashion has been/is used to put subjects in or out of focus and how the approach to dress has changed during history in relation to gender identity and the body. It will be a journey in what it means to be queer through fashion, a subversion of dress from an identity code to a resistance one. Starting  from a brief overview of fashion history between the thirteenth and the eighteenth century, in order to show the similarities between gender aesthetics - as sociologist Fred Davis states "the desire [...] of one sex to emulate the clothing and associated gender paraphernalia of the other" – the talk will then focus on the nineteenth century and on the role of fashion in the definition of normal/abnormal identities and sexualities.

After this historical introduction, Nicola will give us some examples of queer fashions and how they were able to contrast the normative relationship between fashion and identity, arriving at contemporary catwalks and the need for diversity and inclusivity in the fashion system.

The main aim of the talk is to show how fashion is a barometer of cultural and social changes, but most importantly a great tool for our own self-determination.

Link: https://www.queerarts.be/august9