Development policies and practices in the DRC

Datum: 5 - 7 november 2018

Locatie: Centre Bilembo - Rue Marie-Ange Lukiana, nouvelle concession UTEX Kinshasa, DRC

Organisatie / co-organisatie: Institute of Development Policy (IOB)

Korte beschrijving: Conference

About the conference

With a focus on development policies and practices in the DRC, this conference will provide an overview of recent social science research in and on the DRC. Participants will have the opportunity to communicate research results to decision-makers and to strengthen national and international academic contacts.

The conference wants to promote a multidisciplinary perspective and welcomes contributions with a variety of methodological and theoretical approaches.

Presentations SLRC, CRE-AC and MRAC

On day 1 and 2 of the conference the research results from a two-year UK-AID funded SLRC project on ‘Power, Politics and Poverty in the DRC’ will be presented. On day 3, hosted by CRE-AC and MRAC, the new editions of 'Conjonctures congolaises', 'Conjonctures de l’Afrique centrale’ and the ‘Monographies des Provinces de la RDC’ will be presented.

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