Inaugurating the Wind Egg Affiliated Society

Date: 20 December 2018

Venue: MuHKA - Leuvenstraat 32 - 2000 Antwerpen

Time: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Organization / co-organization: Haseeb Ahmed

Short description: ARIA symposium, presented in the context of Haseeb Ahmed's PhD project 'The Wind Egg', sitting at the intersection of art and science of fluid dynamics

About the ARIA symposium

We will address phenomena of wind and fluidity in terms of both their metaphorical capacities as articulated in modern and ancient literature, political ideology, and philosophy and as expressed in physics, finance, aeronautics, and fluid dynamics. Together we will ask, How can observations of fluid phenomena articulate their aesthetic and narrative capacities, to render metaphors that are fortified by their basis in reality? Which existing language do we appropriate to compose the basis for transdisciplinary collaboration and what do we invent? When does language intrude into visual phenomenon and how can this intrusion be considered as a performance process?

Entrance fee: Free

Registration: Please register on the website

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