Google Scholar

Datum: 19 februari 2019

Locatie: Online - - - - -

Tijdstip: 18 - 19.30 uur

Korte beschrijving: Open course UAntwerp Library

About the course

Typing in a few keywords in Google is not difficult. But there is so much more to tell: we look at how Google works behind the scenes, and what pros and cons that entails. By means of examples and exercises we learn how to get the best search results. After this lesson you can search Google Scholar in an advanced way. You can also explain why you choose, or not, to do your searches in this search engine.

Throughout the year, the library organizes open training sessions on searching and using scientific information. The whole series is alternately given in Dutch or in English. Everyone can participate. No need to register in advance.

You can follow one session of your interest or choose to participate in the whole series. If you attend each lesson in this series, we gradually build up from basic to advanced use.

All lessons are organized as online webinars, using ‘Blackboard Collaborate'. Both image and audio are transmitted via the computer.

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Contact telefoon: +32 3 265 28 99