Date: 15 - 19 April 2019

Venue: University of Antwerp, Campus Drie Eiken, Gouverneur Kinsbergencentrum - Doornstraat 331 - 2610 WILRIJK (route: UAntwerpen, Campus Drie Eiken)

Organization / co-organization: Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Short description: International, Interuniversity Course on Infectious Diseases

About the seminar

The ‘International Intensive Infectious Diseases Course’ (I³DC) is a complete course on infectious diseases and is organised in the framework of IDEAL (Infectious Diseases European/African Learning), an international Erasmus-funded teaching program. I³DC is the result of a collaboration between different European universities (Paris-Descartes, Roma, Antwerp and Edinburgh) and is delivered in English by teachers from various backgrounds (Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine, Microbiology, Pathology, Public Health). Infectious diseases have been taught specifically in microbiology courses and are a transversal theme touched upon in any module of any organ system. This course compresses all this knowledge in one course module for students with a specific interest. Frontal lectures are combined with practical interactive sessions including quizzes, clinical cases and a movie.

Key lecturers: Prof Jean-Pierre Van geertruyden, Prof Erika Vlieghe, Prof Pierre Van Damme

Entrance fee: 0-100 euros (conditions)

Registration: Via website

Contact email: jean-pierre.vangeertruyden@uantwerpen.be

Link: https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/forms/external/fggw/i3dc-course/