Sameness in Architecture, or the Architecture of the End of History: BIG and Moshe Safdie in Quito

Datum: 18 februari 2019

Locatie: Campus Mutsaard - Aula Dieperik K1.6 - Mutsaardstraat 29 - 2000 Antwerpen

Tijdstip: 12.30 - 14 uur

Korte beschrijving: Lecture: Christian Parreno

About the lecture

Parreno will provide insight into the acquisition and development of the first project by the Bjarke Ingels Group in Latin America, exploring how sameness relates to historical processes of globalization Bjarke Ingels, trained at the office of OMA in Rotterdam, has rapidly risen to stardom in architecture. With large-scale projects throughout Western Europe and the United States, the firm is truly a global architecture practice. The decision to provide the opportunity to build in Quito is a familiar story played out throughout other areas in the world.