Pint of Science

Datum: 20 - 22 mei 2019

Kassa 4 - Ossenmarkt - 2000 Antwerp
Den Engel - Grote Markt 3 - 2000 Antwerp
Den Bengel - Grote Markt 5 - 2000 Antwerp

Tijdstip: 19 uur

Korte beschrijving: 20-22 May: annual science festival across the world that takes place every May. Researchers tell you about the latest happenings in the world of science at your local bar.

The faculties of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences and Science of the University of Antwerp joined forces and put together the programme for Antwerp this year:

20 May

Embryo's, polio vaccins en het placebo effect
How can we adapt to climate change?
Guardians of your health

21 May

The wonders of molecular medicine
From cold plasma to cold space: neutrinos, space flight and novel anti-cancer therapies
Samenwerking tussen mens en machine

22 May

Your medical future
Maths in your everyday life
Imaging nature


Den Engel, Grote Markt 3, 2000 Antwerpen
Den Bengel, Grote Markt 5, 2000 Antwerpen
Kassa 4, Ossenmarkt 21, 2000 Antwerpen

Start at 7:00 p.m., doors open 30 minutes before

Tickets at 3 euros per evening and per location

Tickets and programme on the 'Pint of Science' website