A study of Applied Tai Chi Movements in Marimba Playing

Datum: 6 maart 2019

Locatie: LoveĀ²Arts Art Gallery - Desguinlei 90 - 2018 Antwerpen

Promovendus: Chin Cheng Lin

Promotor: Jozef Colpaert, Ludwig Albert, Eugeen Schreurs

Korte beschrijving: PhD defence Chin Cheng Lin - Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts


This interdisciplinary artistic research concerns three aspects of applied Tai Chi movements, educational performing technique and artistic inspiration in marimba playing: investigation of musician’s movements and defining characteristics of marimba playing, development of online instructions with applied Tai Chi approach in marimba playing and evaluation of this approach in marimba education, and application of Tai Chi in musical compositions and discovering the connections between marimba and Tai Chi. 

The study examined randomized trials studying the influence of Tai Chi movements on marimba playing and measured two controlled groups, the Tai Chi intervention and the control group, by using 3D motion capture and real-time audio recording. 

The research showed that the playing of the marimba became noticeably better. It had a favorable influence on the control of breathing, the feeling of gravity, by the application of Tai Chi movements in the upper and lower body. More research is needed into the physical analysis and the educational method for performing the technique.

Contact e-mail: aria@uantwerpen.be

Link: https://www.uantwerpen.be/nl/onderzoeksgroep/aria/onderzoek/antwerpse-doctores/