Datum: 24 - 28 maart 2014

Locatie: UAntwerp Campus Mutsaard - Mutsaardstraat 31 - 2000 Antwerp

Organisatie / co-organisatie: Faculty of Design Sciences

Korte beschrijving: Antwerp Design Seminars & Lectures 2014: international event

Antwerp Design Seminars & Lectures 2014
‘The Antwerp Design Seminars & Lectures’ – ADSL – is an international event started at the Department of Design Sciences at the Artesis University College Antwerp and now followed up by the Faculty of Design Sciences at the University of Antwerp. Its aim is to stimulate cross-boundary thinking in design and to familiarize students with an interdisciplinary approach towards design problems. ADSL provides an international forum for faculty and student exchange. Simultaneously, it’s an informal platform to discuss current problems related to the education in design. 

Janett Cardiff, ‘Spem in Alium’, Venice architecture Biennale 2010, Arsenale complex

ADSL 2014 Theme: [ ABSENCE ]
In an interview with Marianne Brouwer, the Dutch art critic Cornel Bierens mentioned that for him the ‘place’ of the black square by Malevich is an atopos. He followed his statement with a sentence by Carl André: ‘a thing is a hole in a thing that is not’. 

We can also relate the meaning of atopos to the Non-lieux (Seuil Editions, 1992) description by Marc Augé out of which we could understand that even the non-presence of known forms does mean we have to see space in some other content. The work ‘Spem in alium’ by Janet Cardiff as presented on the 2010 Venice Biennale is based on the original music for a 40 part choir by the renaissance composer Thomas Tallis but recorded individually and played back on 40 separate speakers. There was no formal presence, only space was perceived or imagined by the listener. Stanley Brouwns’ works on distance and proportions relate to the attitude of experience of every day life, without any notion of formal presence. Can we install a ‘topos’ in an architectonic context out of an absence of known expressions? Does absence mean that there is really nothing or that there is a displacement of something maybe present before? Don’t we need to trace ‘absence’ in other definitions and meaning than the direct one we all immediately imagine and trace?

ADSL 2014 is about the research of new possibilities and expressions to go beyond the known formal presences. It aims for a new future in architecture, interior, landscape and urbanism, where no longer the actual affairs occur, but through interpretations in art, photography, movies, drawings, diagrams and/or models, a new awareness of future spatial reality will be set up. The ADSL workshops will explore the references on the theme of Absence and aim to investigate the ‘power’ of a variety of images and thoughts in landscape, architecture, engineering, interior design, monument care, through a poetic and personal intuition in order to reach beyond the specific discipline. A lecture series accompanies the whole event’s reflection.

ADSL 2014 guest professors for workshops are: 

  • Hélène AARTS (TU Eindhoven)
  • Inaki BERGERA / Carlos LABARTA (Universidad Zaragossa)
  • Marcello BONDAVALLI / Nicola ALBERTO / Carlo ALBERTO (Studio WOK / Politecnico di Milano)
  • Guillermo GUIMARAENS/Paula CARDELLS MOSTEIRO (Escuela Tecnica Superior Valencia)
  • Sabine DE SCHUTTER (Berlin)
  • Florian FISCHER / Sebastian MULTERER (TU München)
  • Aleksandar KOSTIC (WIT Ireland)
  • Monica MARGARIDO (Studio GSMM)
  • Dani MODOL (Studio Daniel Modol, Barcelona)
  • Els NULENS (Blauwdruk, Antwerp)
  • Nestor MONTENEGRO (ETSA Madrid / Dosmasunoarquitectos, / ETSA Madrid)
  • Monica PACHERO (Instituto Universitario de Lisboa)
  • Steven SCHENK (ETH Zürich)
  • Holger SCHURK (dform / ZHAW Winterthur)
  • Dora SWEJD (Lassa architects Brussel, Architectural Association London)
  • Sophie WESTPHAL

Jose Manuel Ballester, ‘Palacio Real’, 2009