Ways to survive! Competition and cooperation in the air transport sector

Date: 5 December 2019

Venue: University of Antwerp, Grauwzusters Cloister - Lange Sint-Annastraat 7 - 2000 Antwerp (route: UAntwerpen, Stadscampus)

Time: 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Organization / co-organization: Departement TPR

Short description: Air Transport Colloquium

About the colloquium

Overcapacity of seats and cargo space, capacity shortages of infrastructure, low yields, rising fuel- and staff costs, ... How do organisations survive in such a competitive environment in which new phenomenons such as flight shaming determine the agenda? Is there a level playing field in which all stakeholders in the value chain get an even piece of the pie? Is there still a future for airline alliances when power play is changing? Should the government further deregulate or reregulate the market? We try to find answers to these questions by confronting a panel of industry stakeholders with recent academic research.

Contact email: sven.buyle@uantwerpen.be

Contact phone: 0032 (0)3 265 40 44

Link: https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/research-groups/transport-and-regional-economics/news-and-events/events-and-conferences/air-transport-colloq/