The Golden Compasses: A Milestone in Book History

Datum: 12 - 14 december 2019

Locatie: UAntwerp, Stadscampus Grauwzusters Klooster - Lange Sint-Annastraat 7 - 2000 Antwerpen (route: UAntwerpen, Stadscampus)

Korte beschrijving: 50th publication anniversary conference of Léon Voet's seminal study about the Officina Plantiniana

About the conference

This conference celebrates the 50th anniversary of the publication of Léon Voet's seminal study about the Officina Plantiniana, titled The Golden Compasses. The aim of this conference is to reflect on the impact of Voet’s masterpiece and to evaluate it in the light of 50 years of continued research about the Officina. In addition, by gathering international experts from different countries – with all of which the Antwerp publishing house established and maintained firm ties – we seek to identify productive research questions left, completely or in part, unexplored by Voet.

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