Mandolin's reis naar Griekenland

Date: 7 December 2019

Venue: Sint Joriskerk - Mechelseplein 24 - 2000 Antwerpen

Time: 8:00 PM

Organization / co-organization: Maria and Elina Markatatou

Short description: Concert

Musical performance, originated from the thesis "Four Mandolin Traditions in Greece" by ARIA PhD students Maria and Elina Markatatou.

In a musical performance, four different traditions are presented, four different cultures of the mandolin in Greece. The idea of the project originated from the postgraduate thesis “Four Mandolin Traditions in Greece” by Maria and Elina Markatatou who are currently researching further the aforementioned topic as doctoral students at the University of Antwerp. In a current period, aback in time journey, which shows elements of European identity and the Greek cultural heritage. Great musicians from Greece and Spain add more to the existing tradition and with their talent give an excellent performance for the audience.


  • Mandolin: Elina & Maria Markatatou
  • Violin: Barbara Bergillos Castillo
  • Cello: Beatriz Laborda Gonzalez
  • Guitar: Manolis Fragiadakis
  • Voice: Lydia Stavraki

Entrance fee: 15 euro / free for students and children

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