Reference management in EndNote

Datum: 24 maart 2020

Locatie: online via your own computer - - - - -

Tijdstip: 13 - 14 uur

Organisatie / co-organisatie: UAntwerp Library

Korte beschrijving: Online library session on managing references in EndNote and using reference styles correctly

About the session

It is important to refer consistently and accurately to the literature that you use in your own article or paper, to avoid plagiarism. This lesson introduces you to a number of commonly used reference styles and learns you how to apply a reference style. We'll introduce you to EndNote, a bibliographic management software.

We assume that you already know what a reference is and how it is structured, and that you are familiar with scientific databases (e.g. Web of Science or PubMed).

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Contact telefoon: 03 265 21 47