Diversity as a source of learning and not as a problem to be solved

Datum: 29 september 2020

Locatie: De Studio - Maarschalk Gerardstraat 4 - 2000 Antwerp

Tijdstip: 16 - 18.30 uur

Organisatie / co-organisatie: Maria & Styliani Markatatou (PhD at ARIA)

Korte beschrijving: Research seminar: exploring the concept of polyphony in a metaphorical sense, critically examining and challenging the canon as it is known

About the seminar

The language of art ignores orders, rules, and barriers. Through a work of art, people of different political, social, and economic backgrounds can communicate, and this communication is multifaceted and meaningful. Within art, there is a polyphony of messages, a pluralism of ideas. But how does polyphony manifest itself in a concrete way within the field of performing arts? Indeed, the term polyphony can be understood and translated differently depending on the aspect we consider. To demonstrate, a cross-cultural study, an interdisciplinary project, a multicultural Arts institution, are some obvious examples of polyphony in the field of performing arts. Besides, we could examine aspects of interculturalism and multiculturalism. Awareness of diversity in the context of a modern multicultural society is directly linked to the concepts of multiculturalism and coherent diversity, but also to interculturalism, which concerns the communication between, and mutual understanding and influence of (sub)cultures.

This seminar is part of the yearly UPday organised by the research group 'Performance Practice in Perspective' at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.

Inkomprijs: free

Inschrijven: Via website

Contact e-mail: aria@uantwerpen.be

Link: https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/research-groups/aria/activities/research-seminars/diversity-as-a-sourc/