Locating documents via catalogue and Discovery Service

Datum: 26 oktober 2020

Locatie: online via your own computer - - - - -

Tijdstip: 13 - 14 uur

Organisatie / co-organisatie: UAntwerp Library

Korte beschrijving: Online library session on using the catalogue and Discovery Service of the UAnwerp library

About the session

How do you get the article you need to read for an assignment and where is the book you need for a lesson?

In this session we will tell you everything you need to know to find a specific work through the catalogue and the Discovery Service so that you quickly have the complete text in your hands.

Contact e-mail: helpdesk@library.uantwerpen.be

Contact telefoon: 03 265 21 47

Link: https://eu.bbcollab.com/guest/62162876161e410fa10dbad91e53c07b