Book: Secularism, religion and politics. India and Europe

Date: 9 December 2014

Introduction: This book higlights the relationship between the state and religion in India and Europe. It problematizes the ideas of secularism and questions received ideas about secularism. It also looks at how Europe and India can learn from each other about negotiating religious space and identity in this globalised post-9/11 world.


Foreword Winand M Callewaert.
Introduction Péter Losonczi and Walter Van Herck.

Part I: Secularism: Conceptualising Contexts: The Secularism and Post-Secularism Debates in India and Europe. 1. Secularism: The Life and Times of a Difficult Concept Neera Chandhoke.2.Contextualizing Secularism: The Relationship between State and Religion in India Gurpreet Mahajan 3.Beyond Moderate Secularism Rajeev Bhargava 4.Secularism in Plural Post-colonial Democracies: Is Liberal Toleration Enough? Valentina Gentile 5.Religion, Pluralism, Politics: Case for an Inter-Contextual Study on Europe and India Péter Losonczi

Part II:Contextualising Concepts: Between Secularism and Democracy in Europe, India, and Beyond 6. Religious Political Parties in Europe and India Veit Bader 7.Secular Pluralism in India: Lessons for Europe? Eva Pföstl 8.Secularism and the Spirit of Capitalism Torkel Brekke 9. Sri Lankan Postcoloniality, Secular Time, Future of Democracy Ananda Abeysekara 10. Shaping Secularism through the Judiciary in Nepal: Case Studies from the Kathmandu Supreme CourtChiara Letizia