MA-XRF scanning at the Metropoliton Museum of Art, New York

Datum: 21 oktober 2013

Inleiding: During the last months, the Bruker M6 MA-XRF instrument will be scanning at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

In collaboration with Prof. Joris Dik of the TU Delft, a series of paintings of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will be analysed by means of the Bruker M6 instrument.

Marco Leona and Silvia Centeno, scientists of the Metropolitan Museum, hope to gain a better understanding of discolored pigments in the late work of Rembrandt and to obtain new insights in the painting technique by Hans Memling by means of this analytical imaging technique.

Both topics are of special intrest for the Dutch and Antwerp researchers as the results of this collaboration are expected to compliment ongoing research projects. The late work of Rembrandt is currently subject of a Dutch NWO project, while the AXI²L group has performed extensive technical research on Memling's oeuvre.