Exemption from administrative fee for long stay in Belgium

Date: 23 August 2016

Introduction: Staff and students with a non-EU nationality who receive a UAntwerp grant, no longer have to pay a fee to apply for a long stay in Belgium.

All persons with a non-EU nationality who apply for a visa or residence permit are required to pay an administrative fee to the FOD Home Affairs for the processing of their cases. Recently the government decided that students and researchers who receive a scholarship from the University of Antwerp are exempt from paying this fee.

The payment of the scholarship must be proved by a certificate, which is awarded to students by the Department of International Cooperation, and to researchers by the HR Departement. The minimal amount of the student scholarship is € 631, for researchers the pay scales of the university apply.

Read more about applying for a visa.

More information for international students can be found on the Departement for International Cooperation website.