Gouverneur Andries Kinsbergen Building is a real eye-catcher

Date: 23 September 2016

Introduction: University of Antwerp to open two buildings on Campus Drie Eiken at start of academic year.

The University of Antwerp’s Campus Drie Eiken is now home to two new buildings, inaugurated on Thursday 22 September in the presence of mayor Bart De Wever. The Andries Kinsbergen Building, in particular, is a real eye-catcher: the floating volume is encased in golden sheets of aluminium on which photos of students and staff are printed.

The University of Antwerp is undergoing big changes, as evidenced by its large-scale infrastructure projects. "The Stadscampus in the heart of Antwerp was the main focus of investment in the first phase, but in the last few years it has been the outer campuses’ turn", explains Bart Heijnen, chair of the Board of Administration. "A new administrative building and a restaurant have been erected on Campus Middelheim, and the Faculty of Applied Engineering was given a new home in the beautiful Building Z on Campus Groenenborger."

Campus Drie Eiken, which borders on Antwerp University Hospital, was next in line. In recent months, two new buildings have been taking shape in the middle of this green campus. The new teaching building, in particular, which will bear the name of former governor Andries Kinsbergen, who died in June, has been attracting attention thanks to its ‘photo façade’ designed by British Antwerpian Perry Roberts. The building houses eight lecture halls, two microscopy rooms, a practicals room, a bio space and a reprography office.

"The building is a bright and compact volume: an eye-catcher for the campus with the smallest possible spatial footprint", say Eric Soors and Niklaas Deboutte of META Architects. "By paying extra attention to the shell of the building, we were able to omit various finishing layers. This resulted in a solid, student-resistant construction."

The new building will be used mainly by the faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences and Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences. Biology students, too, will be making themselves at home there. The adjacent Building M, designed by the same architects and inaugurated on the same day as the Gouverneur Andries Kinsbergen Building, will also be made available to Rehabilitation Sciences students sometime this academic year.

Equipped for the future
"The completion of these two buildings is an important step in our 'Operation Outer Campus'", says Alain Verschoren, rector of the University of Antwerp. "Now we can really call Campus Drie Eiken our life sciences campus – a campus with which our university is properly equipped to meet the challenges of the future."

Link: https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/about-uantwerp/organisational-structure/central-services/infrastructure-department/kinsbergen-m/