UAntwerp-MICA winner of the 2017 MILabs Image of the year

Date: 29 June 2017

Introduction: The publication* on TumorVueâ„¢, by the University of Antwerp's Molecular Imaging Center Antwerp and MTTI, was selected as the winner of the 2017 MILabs Image of the year at the 2017 Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging conference.

TumorVue™ (Tc-99m duramycin) can be used to detect treatment response as early as one day after a single administration of the drug. Recently, MTTI created DivineDx to commercialize TumorVue™.

Professor Freek Beekman, CEO of MILabs said, “We are excited by the excellent images of treatment response that can be shown with this new tracer-TumorVue™. Together with recent developments in very high resolution clinical SPECT this is a tremendous candidate game changer in nuclear medicine and personalized medicine.”

“Since the fraction of apoptotic cells in a tumor, even after effective chemotherapy, is limited,” said Professor Sigrid Stroobants, Head of Department of Nuclear Medicine of University Hospital of Antwerp, “it is encouraging to see that with TumorVue™ and a highly sensitive SPECT system that we can discriminate responders from non-responders.”

“Winning this prize is a confirmation of our work on the validation of TumorVue™ for early anti-cancer treatment evaluation. We are very excited about our preclinical findings and hope to translate this promising radiotracer to clinical practice soon”, said Professor Leonie wyffels of University of Antwerp.

Chris Pak, President and CEO of MTTI said, “We are honored to receive this prestigious 2017 MILabs Image of the Year Award for our product TumorVue™. We look forward to translating this robust molecule to the clinical stage. We believe this molecule can be used to distinguish drug responders from non-responders. This innovative agent will be a powerful tool for personalized medicine allowing cancer patients to be spared the toxicity of ineffective therapy.”

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