Sustainable development, no-growth and human rights

Date: 12 September 2017

Introduction: On 6 and 11 September 2017, Wouter Vandenhole presented at the University of Cape Town and the University of Western Cape, South Africa, on the implications of a strong definition of sustainable development for human rights law.

On 7 September, Vandenhole delivered a keynote speech, entitled De-growth and Sustainable Development: Rethinking Human Rights Law and Poverty Alleviation at the 2017 Law and Development Conference: “Law and Development: From the African Perspective. The conference was a joint initiative of the Law and Development Institute and Centre for Comparative Law in Africa, University of Cape Town. More information, the conference papers and pictures can be found here

On 11 September, Vandenhole gave a staff lecture at the Faculty of Law of the University of Western Cape, entitled: Sustainable Human Rights Law: Taking Post-Growth Economics Seriously.