Belgian Qbic II is one of the biggest interuniversity funds in Europe

Date: 23 October 2017

Introduction: The Belgian fund Qbic II has strengthened its position within the European interuniversity fund industry. It currently already raised almost EUR 50 million. The capital was sourced from institutional, industrial, family and public investors.

Qbic II invests in companies which use the top research of QBIC’s partner research institutions: University of Antwerp,University of Ghent, Free university of Brussels (VUB), VITO, IMEC and the University of Liège. Qbic therefore plays a key role in the start-up and development of young innovative companies. The capital will be used for seed & early stage investments of approximately 20 companies.

Qbic II combines with its investments potential returns with social relevance, illustrated by the Qbic II investments in Laminaria (sustainable energy), Blue Foot Membranes (water purification) and Aphea.Bio (bio-agriculture).

Patrick Vanschoubroek, CEO Blue Foot Membranes, a producer of membranes for efficient water purification of industrial and residential waste water, based on a patented technology: “Qbic has played an essential role in the set-up of our project. Sofie Baeten, Partner Qbic II, has supported us hands-on in the negotiation of the incorporation of Blue Foot Membranes. Without her, this operation would not have been as successful. The presence of Qbic in our Board will be key for the further optimal development of our company.”
Jean van Nuwenborg, Partner Qbic II: “We are happy with the trust we receive from our partners and investors. Our ambition is to grow the fund further to EUR 60 million so we can support even more young, innovative companies in their start-up and growth phase.”

About Qbic Fund
Qbic is a seed and early stage and sector agnostic inter-university fund investing in spin-offs and young innovating companies that have a technology link with Qbic’s partner universities and research institutions. Qbic is managed by an independent team of seasoned investment professionals. With € 90 million under management, Qbic is one of the largest inter-university spin-off funds in Europe. Qbic I was incorporated in 2012, invested in 18 companies and is currently in divestment phase. Qbic II started in December 2016. Qbic II is a joint initiative with ARKimedes-Fund II (ARKimedes is an initiative of ParticipatieMaatschappij Vlaanderen NV and the Flemish Region).