The key to efficient soil remediation

Date: 13 December 2017

Introduction: iFLUX, spin-off of the University of Antwerp and VITO, developed an innovative procedure to efficiently and accurately map pollution fluxes in groundwater

Soil pollution is often synonym to an endlessly long soil remediation procedure. This is due to the uncertainty related to the flux measurements: traditionally these make only a snapshot of the soil pollution. The new University of Antwerp spin-off iFLUX adopts an innovative approach to accurately map the spreading and fluxes of soil pollution in groundwater. Such information is crucial to assess pollution fluxes towards residential areas and drinking water stocks.

“We use our new patented technology,” Goedele Verreydt and Tim Op ’t Eyndt explain. Goedele and Tim are the founders of iFLUX. “First we design a monitoring plan and assess the potential water fluxes. Then we can start our analysis. After the whole campaign, we provide our clients with a detailed flux assessment for multiple pollutants. This helps our clients to optimize soil remediation.”

On December 7th 2017, iFLUX was officially launched at the UAntwerpen Science Park in Niel. Soil experts of ANTEA and Arcadis explained their positive experiences with iFLUX, while SGS presented the cooperation with iFLUX in result validation. iFLUX recently won a prestigious award: the NICOLE Innovation Award, for the most promising and innovative technology in soil management.

Team iFLUX: Tim Op 't Eyndt, Filip Meesters and Goedele Verreydt