Airchecq performs in the Saint-Martinus Church

Date: 3 July 2017

Introduction: Start of a long-term sampling campaign in the Saint-Martinus Church in Aalst.

The Airchecq-team has been asked to perform a long-term measuring campaign in the Saint-Martinus Church in Aalst. Currently, a new heating installation is being installed that will be switched on in January 2018. The main question is how the heating system influences the environmental conditions in the church, and how this influences the precious church interior. For this, we will continuously monitor for at least one year.

The latest version of the Airchecq-monitoring unit is installed at the organ loft at a height of around 7 meter. The monitoring unit measures temperature, relative humidity, illuminance, UV-radiation, air speed, carbon dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and human activity. Moreover, it monitors the behavior of two materials: the shrinkage and swelling of the surface of a cube of 16th century oak, and the corrosion rate of silver. Every 15 minutes, the unit makes a record of all sensors. We can download the monitored data from distance using a 4G router.

Airchecq monitoring