Measurements in the Saint-Martinus church

Datum: 12 december 2017

Inleiding: Start of an extensive measurement campaign in Aalst.

In the coming six weeks, we will perform additional measurements in the Saint-Martinus church in Aalst. We will sample gaseous pollutants by means of passive diffusive tubes (Radiello). Such tubes have an active compound that adsorbs specific gaseous pollutants. After a one week exposure, the tubes are collected and analyzed in the lab. This results in weekly averaged concentrations of the gases. We will measure nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, formic and acetic acid, and several other volatile organic compounds. The sampling will be done both indoors and outdoors. Every week, someone will collect the sampled cartridges and replace them for new ones.

We will make a distinction for 3 main periods: two weeks just after the removal of the protective plastic that covered the church interior during the construction works, two weeks of ‘background’, and two weeks after the start-up of the heating.

In addition, a high performance real-time particle counter is installed (Lighthouse IAQ-3016). This handheld instrument measures airborne particles in seven different size fractions. Time intervals of 15 minutes were considered. This results in additional information on top of the measurements performed with the Airchecq-monitoring unit.

airchecq  airchecq