UAntwerp to teach international students how to cycle safely

Date: 18 September 2018

Introduction: Cycling is not straightforward for everyone. That's why UAntwerp is teaching international students how to cycle safely on 19 September.

Every year, the University of Antwerp welcomes hundreds of international students. On Wednesday 19 September, newcomers at Campus Drie Eiken will receive an initiation into cycling. “We want to give them the chance to try cycling in a safe environment, with support.”

International students are not always good at cycling and may not be familiar with our traffic rules. As a result, they are afraid to bike, and sometimes have minor accidents if they do. To help them on their way, the Campus Drie Eiken faculties are organising a cycling initiative for the first time with the support of the Antwerp Cycling School.

“We don't always think about it, but most international students come from countries where cycling is not a fact of life like it is in Belgium, because traffic is too dangerous or the distances are too great,” says Dimitri Geelhand de Merxem (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences). “After they move to Antwerp, they often see that biking is an ideal means of transport here.”

Students from 20 countries

The initiation on 19 September is aimed at international students from the faculties of Science, Medicine and Health Sciences, and Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences. After a demo lesson, the students will get on their own bikes and learn how to ride correctly and safely. At least 60 students from more than 20 different countries, ranging from Canada, Mexico and Brazil to Pakistan, Iran and the Philippines, have already signed up.