Giraffe lives on among the students

Date: 20 November 2018

Introduction: Antwerp Zoo donates skeleton of deceased giraffe Dana to the University of Antwerp.

giraffe DanaFifteen months after her death, Dana the giraffe is starting a second life at the University of Antwerp. Antwerp Zoo is lending the skeleton to the university: ‘Dana will be a source of information for future veterinarians, biologists and other professionals’.

The old lady of the giraffes at Antwerp Zoo, Dana died in August 2017. She had reached the age of 20. After her death, the zoo contacted the University of Antwerp. ‘Since its founding, Antwerp Zoo has focused on three major pillars: nature, science and education’, explains Linda Van Elsacker, the zoological director of the KMDA (Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp). ‘For example, on our online platform, we provide information on the scientific aspects of the zoo’.

‘During its lifetime, a special animal like a giraffe is obviously part of many lovely stories. When it dies, although it is a difficult time for the zookeepers and other people involved, a new chapter opens in the scientific world. Our veterinarians maintain contact with museums, scientific institutes and universities. In the case of Dana’s skeleton, we decided on Antwerp’s university, because we have collaborated quite intensely on numerous research projects over the years. ‘Dana will be a source of information for future veterinarians and other professionals’.