Seize our Common Future: Joint Call for an Ambitious Horizon Europe Budget

Datum: 6 november 2019

Inleiding: Fifteen European associations of universities have joined efforts to call for an ambitious Horizon Europe budget that would invest in excellent, cross-border research, education and innovation.

Together, we represent more than 800 universities in Europe, committed to create a better future for Europe and its citizens.

This investment is essential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to build a prosperous future for European society. #EUInvestInKnowledge

The 15 associations call on the EU Institutions and national policy makers to strengthen R&I investment at European level. They urge them to raise the budget of the next EU Programme for R&I (2021-2027), Horizon Europe, to at least €120 billion. Even though a greater amount would be needed to solve the big challenges mentioned above and match the programme’s ambitions, this commitment would give the right signal to boost public and private R&I investment in Europe. 

The joint effort must be reinforced to achieve the transformation that Europe needs, in order to build a prosperous, safe, inclusive and sustainable future for the next generations. The EU Leaders have recognised this necessity during the Sibiu Summit, committing to stay united and build a Union fit for the future with the means to match these ambitions.

Read the full text here.