Trial SpringerMaterials

Date: 26 August 2019

Introduction: From September 2nd until October 2nd the UAntwerpen has trial access to the database SpringerMaterials.


About SpringerMaterials​
SpringerMaterials is a large collection of high quality data in the fields of chemistry, physics, materials science, and related fields. The database contains information from various journals and books; such as the Landolt-Börnstein series, the Inorganic Solid Phases database (aka Linus Pauling Files) and the MSI Eureka collection, covering a broad range of materials: metals, alloys, semiconductors, ceramic, glasses, polymers, composites etc. SpringerMaterials includes various data types such as evaluated phase diagrams, interactive crystal structures, materials profiles and graphs.

Two webinars are hosted by Springer to train researchers in using SpringerMaterials.
Registration is needed to attend a webinar. Follow the link to register.

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