Consortium starts with the production of high-quality respirators for the healthcare sector, 100% Made in Belgium

Date: 9 June 2020

Introduction: This August, Medimundi start the production of FFP2 and FFP3 respirators. Medimundi is a spin-off company of Cartamundi and Antwerp University.

The Medimundi consortium, together with machine builder Cloostermans and a private investor, will develop, manufacture, market and sell high-quality respirators.

Cartamundi holds the operational lead in the new company. The respirators provide the highest possible protection for the wearer and are predominantly intended for healthcare staff. Medimundi provides a 100% Made in Belgium solution for the shortages of high-quality respirators.

The consortium made a combined starting investment of approximately €3.5m and plans to continue to invest in innovation, international expansion and a broader product portfolio.

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