UAntwerp and MagVenture commercialize a new medical device

Date: 6 May 2014

Introduction: The Cool-40 Rat Coil is the world's first pre-clinical non-invasive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) coil for use on laboratory animals. Therefore it is unique in its kind.

The University of Antwerp developed a magnetic coil, the ‘Cool-40 Rat Coil’, in close collaboration with the Danish company MagVenture that is specialized in non-invasive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). TMS is a non-invasive neurostimulation tool to modulate brain responses. Physicians use TMS explorative for the treatment of neurological disorders. It is the world’s first pre-clinical TMS coil for use on laboratory animals and it is therefore unique in its kind.

The coil makes it easier to study the effects of TMS on small laboratory animals by medical imaging. Medical imaging is important for the fast quantification of the effects of the TMS treatment. The knowledge from this fundamental research is key in understanding the effects of TMS treatments for humans. 

Molecular Imaging Center Antwerp (MICA)
“With this Cool-40 Rat Coil neurologists, psychiatrists and experimental psychologists now get a basic scientific tool in hands which will allow them to explore treatment solutions faster and more robust”, says Prof Steven Staelens.

Prof Steven Staelens is a member of the research group MICA, which is specialized in medical imaging research at the University of Antwerp and is directed by Prof Sigrid Stroobants of the clinical nuclear medicine department. 

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