Prestigious Francqui Chair awarded to Prof François Peeters

Date: 12 June 2014

Introduction: As part of the prestigious Francqui Chair, Prof François Peeters (Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, UAntwerp) gives an inaugural lecture and specialized lecture series about the characteristics and possibilities of the versatile material graphene.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy of the K.U. Leuven has awarded this year's prestigious Francqui Chair to Prof. Dr. François Peeters. François Peeters is a professor at our Department of Physics and leader of the research group ‘Theory of Condensed Matter '. Within his area of ​​expertise,  the modelling of semiconductors and electrical and magnetic processes, his research includes the versatile material graphene.

With the inaugural lecture 'Graphene and beyond: Physics meets Chemistry’ on Tuesday, June 17th, François Peeters gives an introduction to a lecture series on the properties and potential of graphene.

This series of more specialized lectures on graphene will take place in September 2014 at the K.U. Leuven, where François Peeters will elaborate on the following topics:

  • Nanoengineering of graphene
  • Mechanical properties and strain-engineering of graphene
  • Functionalization of graphene
  • Many-particle effects in graphene
  • Other two-dimensional atomic layers, e.g. transition metal dichalcogenides

More information
Read more information about the inaugural lecture and lecture series by Prof. François Peeters on the K.U. Leuven website.