Course Code :1001WETMIC
Study domain:Engineering Sciences
Academic year:2019-2020
Semester:1st semester
Contact hours:40
Study load (hours):112
Contract restrictions: Exam contract not possible
Language of instruction:Dutch
Exam period:exam in the 1st semester
Lecturer(s)Sarah Lebeer
Siegfried Vlaeminck
Katrien Michiels
Birgit Uytterhoeven

3. Course contents *

The course aims to provide a solid basis in general microbiology by discussing:
- bacterial diversity in terms of cell structure, morphology, growth requirements, metabolism and taxonomy;
- insight in the role of micro-organisms in ecosystems and the biosphere in general (biogeochemical systems, aquatic systems, plant-bacteria interactions,...), and in human activities ;
-  metabolism and metabolic diversity (phototrophy, fermentation, nitrogen fixation, decomposition, mineralisation) ;
-  viral diversity in terms of morphology, replication, genetics and taxonomy ;
-  techniques related to culturing and killing micro-organisms.

The lab focuses on
-  basic bacteriological techniques (aseptic work, stains, culturing media) ;
-  counting techniques for bacteria ;
-  experiments regarding microbial activity in air, terrestric and aquatic ecosystems ;
- microscopic analysis of wastewater sludge.