Diagnosis and Project Design I

Course Code :1005FOWCOR
Study domain:Conservation and Restoration
Academic year:2017-2018
Semester:2nd semester
Contact hours:24
Study load (hours):168
Contract restrictions: No contract restriction
Language of instruction:Dutch
Exam period:exam in the 2nd semester
Lecturer(s)Charles Indekeu
Kristel De Vis

3. Course contents *

Decision making.

In this part all the different values ( socio-cultural,industrial,emotional,etc.) are illustrated. These values figure among a range of  decision models that could lead to the protection of a heritage item and /or could lead to motivations  for C/R interventions. These possible intervention should be associated in the wide context of the general history and the history of C/R practice and concepts and the ethical frame. 


 The basic principles of a C/R action  are explained In the second part. The concepts and planning of these actions need a clear understanding of the theoretical background. They are illustrated in the lectures.