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Kidney 1

Course Code :1012GENGE2
Study domain:Medicine
Academic year:2020-2021
Semester:1st semester
Contact hours:0
Study load (hours):84
Contract restrictions: Faculty decision based on student file
Language of instruction:Dutch
Exam period:exam in the 1st semester
Lecturer(s)Daniel Abramowicz

3. Course contents *

During this course, the macroscopic anatomy is treated first, to go over to the microscopic structures of the kidney, especially the functional unit; the nephron. Thereafter the general working of the glomerulus, the renal flow and the effect of fluctuations of physiological parameters are discussed. Finally, the homeostasis of water and salt, electrolyte balance, and acid-base balance are discussed.

The lessons end with a example exam as preparation for the official exam.
This is described in the study guide on Blackboard at 'course material'.