6-Bachelor's Project Construction

Course Code :1023FTIBPC
Study domain:Engineering Sciences
Academic year:2019-2020
Semester:2nd semester
Sequentiality:to subscribe, you need to be able to graduate AND you must have passed 4-Scientific Project (1083FTIWTP or 1089FTISCP)
Contact hours:96
Study load (hours):252
Contract restrictions: Credit and exam contract not possible
Language of instruction:English
Exam period:exam in the 2nd semester
Lecturer(s)Cedric Vuye

3. Course contents *

The student investigates an advanced technical-scientific problem by literature review on a specific research question.

The student writes an English paper that meets the scientific standards in terms of content and form, with the following elements: hypothesis, research methodology, data collection and processing, results and discussion, conclusions and references.

The student presents his/her results orally to a professional jury and is capable of answering the given questions.