Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy 5

Course Code :1028GENRVK
Study domain:Physiotherapy
Academic year:2017-2018
Semester:2nd semester
Sequentiality:The student must pass Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy 1 and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy 3
Contact hours:68
Study load (hours):140
Contract restrictions: Faculty decision based on student file
Language of instruction:Dutch
Exam period:exam in the 2nd semester
Lecturer(s)Willem De Hertogh
Roel Claes
Joke De Pauw
Sarah Michiels
Patty Felix
Benjamin Vanthienen

3. Course contents *

This course concerns musculoskeletal physiotherapy of the upper limb, thoracic and cervical spine.


  • Upper Limb (Prof. W. De Hertogh i.c.w. Prof. F. Struyf and various guest speakers)
    • Shoulder
    • Elbow
    • Wrist and hand
  • Thoracic Spine and Cervical Spine (Prof. W. De Hertogh)
    • Introduction and epidemiology
    • Clinical reasoning in patients with neck pain without irradiation
    • Clinical reasoning in patients with neck pain with irradiation
    • Outcome assessment


By Dr. Sarah Michiels, Ms. Joke De Pauw, Mr. Ben Vanthienen, Mr. Roel Claes

  • Upper limb
    • Articular mobilisations, Exercise therapy, Muscular techniques and taping
  • Thoracic and cervical spine
    • Articular mobilisations, Exercise therapy